Gaming Mouse Pad by NT


SPACIOUS:  The mouse pad is large enough to accommodate both mouse and keyboard.

SMOOTH SURFACE: Thick cloth padding allows for optimum speed and accurate control while gaming.

PREMIUM DESIGN: Featuring an anti-slip rubber base, this pad will not slide while in use.

COMFORT: Extremely comfortable to mouse on eliminates uneven surfaces. Fits full-sized keyboards.


1: Designed by gamers, great to use for gaming/office work

2: NO RGB Version Thickness = 2 mm

3: Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for a mouse, keyboard

4: Low Friction: Smooth Surface For SPEED, Anti-slip Rubber base

5: Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities


1: The mouse pad was made of Rubber, it is Flexible, so the size will be affected by the Outside temperature and environment, the deviation of 1-1.5 cm is normal

2: It is a cloth surface, it is too hard to print all over the country clearly like the world map on a cloth surface, so a little country will simplify

BUY ANYTHING: Serve the society

Now that our Brand Nomad Touch® is live, we have chosen to support a charity organization called Rebuild Recycle that is currently aiming to empower communities to recycle waste like used gadgets, electronic items, etc. into affordable, high-quality building materials, whilst providing an immediate source of income for those affected by natural disasters.

How Giving to Charity Can Help Your Finances - Due

There is already a lot of suffering outside. And we need to stand up to spread help to the underprivileged ones. To play our own part, we will be donating 20% of the purchased value to the above-mentioned organization. Every purchase you make will be counted as an invaluable contribution to serving the underprivileged! We love your support!❤️💯

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Garth Dach

I ordered it bigger to save me from the sharp edge of my table. A big buy. You'll have to see how “ages but it looks good.

Rusty Yundt

Perfect, it arrived in 5 days.

Ara Parisian

Came within a week and electrostal, quickly and qualitatively! Advise

Dexter Mohr

Great. Delivery from Russia is fast, nothing is twisted, does not get caught, convenient and looks cool. I recommend both a rug and a seller.

Pattie Beatty

Very satisfied, arrived in 29 days calendar. Good quality! Idêntico ao anunciado

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