Nomad Touch as a brand not only focuses on bringing you the best gaming and setups related content. We also, want to make a difference by supporting and helping the underprivileged ones all around the world. By supporting different charities and organization focused on fighting poverty and hunger. We have met hands with renowned charity organisations like "Recycle Rebuild" and many local ones for the same purpose of helping others.

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Did you know that  Every year, developing countries are robbed of more than $1 trillion that could fight poverty, disease and hunger?

What is Poverty? | Definition of Poverty | World Vision Canada

And 1.2 billion people live off  $1.25 a day. These are very  low numbers as compared to western rich countries.

But the cool thing is that we humans can get this number to zero by 2030.

And to play our own part, We are constantly looking for more ways. and better organizations to help, to improve the lives of such people who have to face shortage of basic necessities in every day life.

Did you know that 165 million people suffer from childhood malnutrition?

If they joined hands, they could form a complete circle around the earth.

What is Poverty? The Definitions of Poverty | Compassion UK

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Instead of donating to one of the foundations and charities that we help, You can support the organizations all while getting great products! its a Win, Win.. You are happy, You got your cool products, AND you are helping people around the world with help they NEED!


  1. Find and order a product you will love!
  2. With every Purchase we get we donate 30% to Charity!
  3. At the end of each month, We make the Donation, If you do decide to join the Nomad Touch Family. you will get an email every month showing our donation status and amount!

Even small help of yours will help those charities to feed few children facing hunger everyday.


How Giving to Charity Can Help Your Finances - Due